What is Scan file and how it is useful?

Scan File Final Output What is Laser scan and how it is useful in the Construction industry? This is the question that everyone in the construction filed has in mind right now. Every one is wondering what is it and how to use it and much more questions as well as confusions. Let me First introduce our Company before moving forward. My firm’s name is Bim Home Studio. As the name indicate we are a […]

Bim Home Studio :We are the best Scan to Bim Services and Scan to AutoCAD Service Provider Firm in USA.

With pride, BIM Home Studio announces that we are now among the top providers of Laser Scan to AutoCAD and Laser Scan to BIM services in the USA, UK, Australia, Netherlands, Canada, and many other countries. Point Cloud to BIM and Point Cloud to Cad are currently commonly used methods for measuring and developing existing plans, elevations, or 3D models for reconstruction or restoration purposes as a result of the evolution of technology in the […]