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Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing (MEP) Services

BIM Home Studio specializes in comprehensive MEP BIM services, delivering detailed MEP BIM models aligned with the specified LOD (Level of Development) as outlined in our established BIM execution plan since 2010.

BIM Home Studio for MEP BIM Services :

At BIM Home Studio, we specialize in delivering top-notch Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) engineering services. With our proficiency in industry-leading MEP design software, including AutoCAD, CAD Duct, Revit MEP, FAB MEP, and CAD-Pipe, we offer a comprehensive suite of MEP BIM services to cater to the unique needs of our clients

  • At BIM Home Studio, we understand the importance of seamless integration and collaboration throughout the design and construction phases.
  • Our team can seamlessly integrate with your existing design process, working in tandem with your architects, engineers, and contractors to deliver a coordinated.
  • MEP BIM model that meets your project’s specific requirements.
  • BIM Home Studio is committed to delivering the highest quality MEP BIM services.
  • Saving you time and resources while ensuring a successful project outcome.
  • Our expertise and dedication to accuracy, coordination, and efficiency make us the ideal partner for your MEP design needs.
  • Choose BIM Home Studio for MEP BIM services that go beyond expectations, providing you with the best information to make informed decisions and achieve outstanding results in your projects.

What we Offer?

  1. MEP BIM Modeling : We create highly detailed and accurate 3D models of MEP systems, ensuring seamless integration and coordination within your project.
  2. Quantity Takeoffs : We provide precise quantity takeoffs, enabling you to make informed decisions regarding materials and cost estimation.
  3. Clash Detection : Our team employs advanced clash detection techniques to identify and resolve conflicts among various building systems, guaranteeing a smooth construction process
  4. Energy Analysis : Through simulation and analysis, we assess the energy efficiency of your MEP systems, helping you optimize performance and reduce operational costs.
  5. Documentation : Our comprehensive documentation services encompass drawings, schedules, specifications, and reports, ensuring compliance and facilitating the construction process.
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What People Say

Project Manager was a pleasure to work with. He paid close attention to the important details and created a really great rendering of outdoor living structure and setting. He was very easy to communicate with. I highly recommend him. Very much satisfied with the results and deadline punctuality. will surely connect them again.
Alexis Martin
Really Positive Experience Working With Bim Home Studio. We Had A Challenging Brief But They Really Understood What We Were After And Was Able To Bring Our Ideas To The Life. Excellent Time Keeping And Communication. I Would Recommend And Would Definitely Be Working With Them Again.
Harvey Cooper
That Was The Best Experience I Have Ever Had! Not Only Did They Get The Job Done But Made Hundreds Of Changes And Worked With Me Dealing With A Mean Customer. They Are Such A Strong Team And Fast And Quality Work. Could Not Believe What They Were Able To Do In Such A Short Time And Felt With Me Stressing
Joseph Doe