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BIM Home Studio  India is a premier CAD services Company that offers high-end and comprehensive building design solutions. With an experience of over 10 years in the field of providing CAD Solutions to clients globally, we have completed over 1000+ projects of varied sizes and complexities across residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructural sectors. We have a team of qualified CAD drafters, CAD-AS-BUILT Drawing, CAD conversion, architects, engineers, and BIM modelers with diverse work experience of working on Construction Documentation, 2D AutoCAD Drafting, BIM Modeling, Point Cloud Modeling projects, etc.

Our staff of AEC experts is highly driven and knowledgeable, and they can convert any file type—including JPEG, PDF, and others—into 2D drawings or 3D models. We make sure that our 2D AutoCAD drawings are formatted and laid out following our clients’ specific needs and that they adhere to industry standards. For residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure projects, we also offer Scan to CAD and Paper to CAD conversion, card drafting, And CAD As-Built Drawing Services


Key Services

1) CAD Solutions

BIM Home Studio India offers a wide range of CAD solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of its clients, both locally and globally.

2) 2D AutoCAD Drafting

BIM Home Studio India excels in 2D AutoCAD drafting, providing precise and industry-standard drawings for various project types.

3) Scan to CAD

BIM Home Studio India offers expertise in point cloud modeling, facilitating the integration of real-world data into the design.

4) Paper to CAD Conversion

The company provides Scan to CAD and Paper to CAD conversion services, helping clients digitize existing drawings and documents.

5) CAD As-Built Drawing

BIM Home Studio India assists in creating as-built drawings, crucial for projects involving existing structures

6) CAD Drafting

The team is proficient in drafting CAD models, enabling clients to benefit from accurate digital representations of their projects.

CAD service provider with a strong reputation for delivering high-quality building design solutions across various sectors. With its experienced team and comprehensive range of services, the company is well-positioned to assist clients in achieving their design and construction goals.

What we Offer?



BIM Home Studio is your trusted partner for top-notch CAD Conversion Services. We excel at converting paper documents, PDFs, and scanned drawings into precise and editable CAD formats.


Cad Drafting

BIM Home Studio India provides comprehensive CAD drafting services, offering high-quality 2D and 3D technical drawings, along with production drawings for the manufacturing and construction industries.


Cad-as-built Drawing Services

BIM Home Studio is a leading provider of high-quality CAD As-built Drawings Services, specializing in surveys, evaluations of existing buildings, and renovation projects.

Other Services By Bim Home Studio

Bim Services

AEC industry is very gradual to adopt incipient technologies. Despite that fact BIM is making its way to digitalizing construction world.

Scan To Bim Services

BIM HOME STUDIO has a team of professionals who provides best service in the ground of Laser scan to bim with LOD of 100 to 500.

Rendering Services

3D architectural rendering services is the overall visualization of the Home after the construction work.

Revit Family Creation

Families are the prime requirement to create any 3d model. By using Revit we can create Families such as Furniture families, Door-Window Families etc.

3d Modeling Services

BIM HOME STUDIO has a well developed team of architects and engineers with the knowledge and skills of all kind of Autodesk softwares.

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