Architectural service

Delivering High Quality Service

Architectural services are the services that includes the work of an architect. Bim Home studio offers the high quality architectural services which helps the clients to convert their dream home designs in to reality.

Bim Home studio understand the client’s needs and requirement prepare a basic draft of client’s design requirement

Architectural Services includes creating architectural plans, Creation of Unique exterior and interior designs etc. This part is called conceptual architectural designs.

In second stage this designs are presented to the clients and discussed with them and changes in to architectural designs are made accordingly.

After the design stage has been complete successfully completed construction Stage has begun.

Bim Home studio is well known in AEC industry for providing top notched architectural drafting services, architectural design house plans services and architectural visualization services.

Benefits of choosing Bim Home Studio 

Top notched architectural services

Highly skilled draftspersons

Time to Time project delivery

Accurate floorplans and designs

Excellent knowledge of software

Phase of Architectural services 

1) Schematic Design

Basic conceptual designs are created as per client’s guidance. This phase basically covers the level of detailing up to LOD150-200. After design has been finalized construction of 3D models has been initiated. In schematic design detailing are very minimal and can show only the shape of the building.

2) Development of Design

After the conceptual design is prepared design is developed to LOD 300. In this phase details like Door window detailing, Exterior detailing, Interior designing, Kitchen details, Bedroom details, Bathroom and toilet designing, Hallway and guest room details etc. are included.

3) Construction document

When design phase has been properly initiated the documentation of LOD 350 began. In this phase details like floorplans, Elevations, Sections, Electrical plans, Roof layout and structural details were Created. This document contains all the information require to start the construction .