What Can We Offer

Revit 3D Modeling

Bim Home Studio has team of well trained and skilled Modelers who can provide precise and accurate 3D Models with high quality.

AutoCAD Services

With the digitalization of construction industry demand of Bim drafting service has been increase seamlessly such as Cad to bim ,Jpg to bim. dafd

Bim Services

AEC industry is very gradual to adopt incipient technologies. Despite that fact BIM is making its way to digitalizing construction world.

Scan to Bim/Cad Services

BIM HOME STUDIO has a team of professionals who provides best service in the ground of Laser scan to bim with details.

paper to AutoCAD Conversion

We provide Accurate and High Quality drafting work in AutoCAD from PDF | Hand sketch Drawings | Images. Our team is well trained and skilled with Layered work.

Rendering Services

3D architectural rendering services is the overall visualization of the Home after the construction work. We can visualize fully prepared home by creating the Render of House.

Sketchup Modeling

Our trained team can provide top notch services in Sketchup by creating highly detailed 3D Model in SketchUp. Our services are also at very affordable rates. Contact now for more Information.

Family Creation

BIM HOME STUDIO has a well developed team of architects and engineers with the knowledge and skills of all kind of software to create a perfectly workable and functional Families.

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Why Choose Bim Home Studio as your Outsourcing Partner

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    Cost Efficiency
  • 02
    Access to Skilled Talent
  • 03
    Focus on Core Activities
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    Faster Turnaround
  • 06
    Risk Mitigation
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    Reduced Administrative Burden
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    Enhanced Competitive Edge
Cost of Bim Home Studio is very efficient and Budget friendly
You can gain the full access to our talented, skilled and well trained team who can provide high quality and accurate results.
By delegating drafting work to Bim Home Studio, You can focus more on core activities such as design, client relations, and project management, improving overall efficiency.
Outsourcing with Bim Home Studio provides flexibility to scale up or down quickly according to project needs, without the overhead of maintaining a large in-house team during off-peak periods.
Bim Home studio specialize in quick turnaround times, leveraging time zone differences to provide 24/7 support if needed, speeding up project delivery.
By selecting Bim Home Studio you can mitigate risks associated with fluctuations in workload, employee turnover, and technical challenges, as the we bears some of these risks.
Managing an in-house drafting team involves administrative tasks such as hiring, training, and HR management, which can be minimized through outsourcing with Bim Home Studio.
Since our fees are very budget friendly you can potentially offer more competitive pricing and attract a broader client base.

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Welcome to your destination for all things related to BIM (Building Information Modeling), CAD (Computer-Aided Design), and 3D modeling. We’re a team of passionate and experienced visionaries, designers, and tech geeks, dedicated to bringing your designs to life.

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The Core Company Values

Redefine the boundaries of design and achieve a seamless Drafting experience with our top-tier services


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We are Very Happy to Get Our Client’s Reviews.

At every stage, we could supervise your project – controlling all the details and consulting the builders.

Project Manager was a pleasure to work with. He paid close attention to the important details and created a really great rendering of outdoor living structure and setting. He was very easy to communicate with. I highly recommend him. Very much satisfied with the results and deadline punctuality. will surely connect them again.
Alexis Martin
Really Positive Experience Working With Bim Home Studio. We Had A Challenging Brief But They Really Understood What We Were After And Was Able To Bring Our Ideas To The Life. Excellent Time Keeping And Communication. I Would Recommend And Would Definitely Be Working With Them Again.
Harvey Cooper
That Was The Best Experience I Have Ever Had! Not Only Did They Get The Job Done But Made Hundreds Of Changes And Worked With Me Dealing With A Mean Customer. They Are Such A Strong Team And Fast And Quality Work. Could Not Believe What They Were Able To Do In Such A Short Time And Felt With Me Stressing
Joseph Doe