Revit (BIM) Modeling Services | Custom Revit Family Creation Services

Delivering High Quality Service

We specialize in crafting precise and immediately deployable Revit Families for a wide range of applications, including architectural, structural, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and fire-fighting components. 

These families come in three main categories: system, loadable, and in-place, each meticulously tailored to meet our clients’ exact specifications. 

We offer a flexible Level of Detail (ranging from 100 to 500) to precisely match the project’s requirements.There are 2 types of major families

1) Parametric families,

2)Non-Parametric families

Creation of Parametric and Non-Parametric BIM Objects

BIM Home Studio is a global leader in providing highly detailed and parametric Revit family creation services. Our expertise lies in developing intricate BIM content suitable for integration into Revit 3D models for diverse building types and for manufacturing firms seeking to produce products according to precise specifications.

We take pride in crafting Revit families that align seamlessly with the unique needs of each project and model. With a rich portfolio of collaborations with renowned construction and manufacturing companies in the AEC industry, we have consistently played a pivotal role in the successful execution of BIM projects by offering tailored BIM Content Creation Services.

Our dedicated team of specialists comprises qualified architects and engineers with extensive industry experience, ensuring that our BIM Family Creation services deliver ready-to-use BIM object Creation.

Other Services By Bim Home Studio

Bim Services

AEC industry is very gradual to adopt incipient technologies. Despite that fact BIM is making its way to digitalizing construction world.

Drafting Services

With the digitalization of construction industry demand of Bim drafting service has been increase seamlessly such as Cad to bim ,Jpg to bim.

Scan To Bim Services

BIM HOME STUDIO has a team of professionals who provides best service in the ground of Laser scan to bim with LOD of 100 to 500.

Rendering Services

3D architectural rendering services is the overall visualization of the Home after the construction work.

3d Modeling Services

BIM HOME STUDIO has a well developed team of architects and engineers with the knowledge and skills of all kind of Autodesk softwares.

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