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Any structure, no matter how complicated or straightforward, is unfinished without an excellent structural foundation, regardless of how lovely the exterior may be. Building Information Modeling (BIM) structural designs guarantee that every structure can support the appropriate load, resist all environmental situations, and do it safely. Information on the bases, walls, floors, beams, types of roofs, and even quality of the material is included in Structural BIM Modeling. An error-free model that assured the advantages like a reduction in rework at site and waste of material, speed up the process of building construction, increase profit margins, and enhanced efficiency is made possible by the coordination between MEP BIM, structural, and architectural models.

We offer Structural BIM Services that include 3D modeling, drawing, and detailing. Our Structural BIM Model offers the best 3D analysis which helps you in cost savings and assures safer solutions since it unites sophisticated design and analysis skills. Our experts can produce an accurate and high-quality structural model using the right data and information, giving the engineers a comprehensive understanding of all project-related factors such as building features, building geometry, resource requirements, geographic information, and construction materials.


Different Structural BIM Services by Bim Home Studio 

Structural Design

Structural Analysis

Steel Structure Detailing

Design Structural Steel

3D, 4D, and 5D BIM Services

3D Modeling Construction

Quality Takeoffs

As-Built Modeling

Clash Detection

Revit Family Creation

Advantages of Structural  BIM Services

Better Productivity

You can automatize the workflow with BIM, which helps you conserve energy and time. Even producing 2D technical drawings takes longer than alternative methods. Engineers enroll in all majors to use BIM technologies to streamline the process. The complexity of a bigger model increases when productivity is increased via automation.

Better Understanding of Model

When working on intricate designs, the data you use may create or shatter the project. You create the framework after taking everything into account. In traditional approaches, you frequently discover the error that might generate an issue in the upcoming process. As a result, automation allows you to prevent project difficulties earlier.

Better Communication and Cooperation

The cooperation model underlies BIM. The project's design guarantees effective resource usage.

To develop the model's structure, the entire team participates.

Cloud-Based Software

If you're at a building site, you could be thinking if you can replicate the building design there. With cloud-based technologies, your devices serve as a lifesaver. You can always have immediate access to your building model using the appropriate software.