What is Scan file and how it is useful?

Scan File

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What is Laser scan and how it is useful in the Construction industry? This is the question that everyone in the construction filed has in mind right now. Every one is wondering what is it and how to use it and much more questions as well as confusions.

Let me First introduce our Company before moving forward. My firm’s name is Bim Home Studio. As the name indicate we are a Drafting firm that assist in Scan to Bim, Scan to Cad services as well as Revit, AutoCAD, Sketchup related all the services in USA, UK, Netherlands and Australia. Bim Home studio has also expertise in Rendering and Visualization services. Aside that lets talk about the Point cloud.

Point cloud is the latest technology that is known in the construction and Architectural industry with many names. Some knows this technology as Point cloud and some knows this as Laser scan technology. Some Also knows it as E57, RCS, RCP, XYZ and LGS files. But they are indicating the one services that is called Laser scanning.

Now you have basic idea of what are its names known in the industry we can move towards how it is useful in the Construction and Architectural Field. Suppose you have a property and you want to renovate some part of the property like Extension or want to modify some walls. What are the basic requirements for that? A floorplan and Elevations Right? Now if you go by measuring every dimension of the house by hand it will be very time consuming and it has lots of chances of errors due to human measurements. Manual measurements are possible for a small and Medium Properties. But if you have a very large property, it will be very time consuming to measure everything manually and draw floorplans and other details. That’s where Scan or Point cloud comes very handy. It is very fast process and also the best part is it will create an exact 3D replica of the Property so it will be very easy to copy and draw the Plan, Elevations from the 3D Cloud file.

It is very useful in the Renovation of the historical properties since the cloud will create the replica of every tiny detailing of the property and restoration will became very easy.

I surely hope I have provided some valuable information regarding the Point cloud.

If you have Point cloud data and want to convert the cloud data in to Revit 3D Models or AutoCAD Drawings Bim Home Studio offers very High-quality Scan to Bim services and Scan to Cad services at very affordable rates. For more information, please contact Bim Home Studio.

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What is Scan file and how it is useful?