Bim Home Studio :We are the best Scan to Bim Services and Scan to AutoCAD Service Provider Firm in USA.

With pride, BIM Home Studio announces that we are now among the top providers of Laser Scan to AutoCAD and Laser Scan to BIM services in the USA, UK, Australia, Netherlands, Canada, and many other countries.

Point Cloud to BIM and Point Cloud to Cad are currently commonly used methods for measuring and developing existing plans, elevations, or 3D models for reconstruction or restoration purposes as a result of the evolution of technology in the building industry.

If you work in the construction industry as a civil engineer, a local contractor, an architect, or someone who designs apartments, houses, or buildings, you have undoubtedly heard of the new technology known as laser scans, point clouds, or scan files. This technology uses Lidar (light detection and ranging) technology to scan an entire building or house.

You must be wondering now what this new technique is and how it will benefit us more than the previous ones

Let’s first define a point cloud and laser scan file. A point cloud is just a collection of tiny, scanned points that contain coordination data and colour (only in the case of a colour point cloud). The merged or combined multiple coordinated data sets will take on the shape of the scanned item. For instance, let’s say we used Lidar technologies to scan a small house.

Numerous tiny, coordinated dots will be generated, combined, and packed with information about the precise location from which they were scanned. When all of these small points are merged it will take the complete and exact shape of the House. Thanks to technology, we no longer need to measure every square inch of a house or apartment by hand, nor do we have to be concerned about measurement errors caused by hand.

The staff at BIM  Home Studio is extremely knowledgeable about the process of scanning houses and how to fully utilize the scanned point cloud or scan file to produce a 3D model or CAD file. That is the reason we are the Best and Only choice when Clint wants Scan to BIM, Point Cloud to BIM, or Scan to AutoCAD, Point Cloud to AutoCAD Services.

BIM Home Studio has a team that can use any type of Point Cloud raw data whether it is an E57 file XYZ file or any other RCP, RCS files in to Scan to BIM or Scan to Cad projects.

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