Bim Services

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We live in the information age. In this age where keeping physical documents of plan and blueprints is gotten arduous.

Bim accommodations solve that issue by digitalizing your old plans to not only in 2d layout format but all 3 dimensional plan with detailed sheet views.

AEC industry is very gradual to adopt incipient technologies. Despite that fact BIM is making its way to digitalizing construction world.

Bim accommodation is not accommodation only used to convert old plan to latest 3d plans but additionally for orchestrating and engender layout of incipient construction plan. With the avail of BIM we can withal shedulize the whole project(4D) and calculate overall cost.


Architectural service

BIM HOME STUDIO has done so many projects such as commercial Buildings, Residential building, Industrial building, Raw House, Apartments etc. with grate accuracy and within the deadline.


Structural service

Structural service is basically 3D Model of Structure design details and also contains fabrication details.​


MEP Services

Mechanical, electrical, Plumbing and fire system design are most important design are most important design for any construction project.


4D Bim services

BIM HOME STUDIO provides construction scheduling services by combining 3D Bim model with 4th dimension known as scheduling data or time elemant.


5D Bim Services

5D Bim services indicate 5th Dimension Cost.BIM HOME STUDIO provide complete model filled with all the information of material required and cost of the material at different stages of the project development.

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